Results in 2021 - U13 South

Tuesday 11th May
Hampset Hawks - Hinton Charterhouse II Match cancelled
HSVW - Trowbridge Boys Match cancelled
Potterne - Beckington Badgers Match cancelled
Winsley Wizards - Hampset Harriers Match cancelled
Tuesday 4th May
Hampset Harriers - Hinton Charterhouse II Hampset Harriers won
HSVW - Potterne Potterne won
Trowbridge Boys - Beckington Badgers Trowbridge Boys won
Winsley Wizards - Hampset Hawks Winsley Wizards won
Tuesday 27th April
Beckington Badgers - Winsley Wizards Winsley Wizards won by 10 runs
Hampset Hawks - HSVW
Hinton Charterhouse II - Trowbridge Boys Trowbridge Boys won
Potterne - Hampset Harriers Potterne won by 116 runs

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