Results in 2019 - U13 Prem

Tuesday 21st May
Bath Scimitars - Corsham Coyotes
Chippenham - Bath Axes
Lansdown Eagles - Winsley Boys
Tuesday 14th May
Bath Scimitars - Lansdown Eagles Lansdown Eagles won
Corsham Coyotes - Bath Axes Bath Axes won by 110 runs
Winsley Boys - Chippenham Winsley Boys won by 17 runs
Tuesday 7th May
Bath Axes - Bath Scimitars Bath Axes won by 52 runs
Chippenham - Lansdown Eagles Lansdown Eagles won
Winsley Boys - Corsham Coyotes Corsham Coyotes won by 9 wickets
Tuesday 30th April
Bath Scimitars - Winsley Boys Winsley Boys won by 55 runs
Corsham Coyotes - Chippenham Chippenham won by 8 wickets
Lansdown Eagles - Bath Axes Lansdown Eagles won

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